Ciao a tutti!!! 

Hi My Name is Roberto Civinelli, I am a guitar Player, composer, arranger and sound engeneer.

I was born in Cesena, where I lived for many years, then I moved to Bologna and now Rovigo

I graduated in Jazz Guitar in the   “F.Venezze” Conservatory  in Rovigo.

I played in many bands in northern Italy.

Now I am Playing with:

RaRo Acoustic Duo (Acoustic pop/rock)

Raffaella Cafagna & KepSat

Rock Legend

Matteo Bronzolo Band (Hard Rock project)

Like a train (Southern Rock)

You can find my next gigs in the page above!

RaRo Acoustic Duo
Sul palco con Matteo Bronzolo nel 2013
LIKE A TRAIN American Southern Rock Cover Band
Alla chitarra acustica con la MBR Band
Live al “Jazz by The Pool by Porsche” Jazz Festival 2011, con la BGVJ Big Band
Locandina della “Bob Civi Blues Band”