My Gear

  • Gibson Les Paul Standard Cherry Sunburst 1995,
  • Ibanez EX ,
  • Ibanez Rg 550,
  • Ibanez Rg 7 strings,
  • Ibanez Artcore (full Hollowbody ),
  • Epiphone Dot Studio ( 335 style guitar),
  • Squier Telecaster,
  • Cort AS 1 soldi body acoustic guitar for live concerts with I-Spira Acustico PickUp
  • Cimar Acoustic model,
  • Cort Cj1F (jumbo Cutaway acoustic guitar), with Fishman PreSYS Blend.
  • Eko Ranger, 12 strings acoustic,
  • Acoustic guitar  Handmade by Cristiano Sturaro  PreSYS Blend preamp system
  • Soundgear 4 strings bass,
  • Stagg Mandolin.
  • Main RIg: 3Amp by LaB (Amp factory by Lucio Bazzocchi from Bertinoro, FC) with JCM800, Fender Twin e Vox ac30 amp modules; Tc Electronics Gmajor 2; Advance tube Tech switcher e looper s720+ls42.
  • Hughes & Kettner Attax 40 (40W soldi state combo da 40W, the original Celestion Rockdriver speaker was replaced by a Celestion V30)
  • Yamaha JX20: 20W soldi state practice amp.
  • LaB Live Compressor,
  • Ibanez Ts9,
  • Lab MQ1,
  • Lab Live Distortion
  • Zoom Tri Metal,
  • Boss SD1 Keeley Modified +  True Bypass,
  • Visual Sound (Now Truetone) Jekyll & Hyde Overdrive distortion Pedal
  • Carella GCM800 (Hand made pedal, made to recreate the hi gain distortion of a  JCM800)
  • XVIVE Golden Brownie (Overdrive/distorsion pedal made to recreate Marshall sound in general)
  • Boss Super Chorus CH1
  • Bad Horsie Wah
  • Jim Dunlop Crybaby was with true bypass and auto-engage mods
Multi FX pedalboards:
  • Fractal AX8 (Used as modeler and as FX unit for the main rig)
  •  Pod Hd500 (Used as a modeler -before purchasing Ax8- and as a midi control pedalboard)

Guitar Cabs:

  • 2×12 cab by LaB with 2 Celestion v30 speakers, open back
  • MArshall 4×12 1960TV with Celestion Greenback speakers
Pictures to come soon!!
Stay Tuned